First CUBA-USA Workshop on Pattern Recognition and Data Mining

Last February the Cuban Society of Mathematics and Computing (SCMC), and in particular our Cuban Association of Pattern Recognition (ACRP) received the visit of two prestigious American professors: Anil K. Jain, from Michigan State University and Rangachar Kasturi from University of South Florida.

One of the main agreement of this visit was to organize the First CUBA-USA Workshop on Pattern Recognition and Data Mining, which should be celebrated in Havana, Cuba, the last trimester of this year.

The aim of this meeting is to explore possibilities of collaboration between Cuban and American universities and research centers, in researches related to pattern recognition and data mining. In particular, this first meeting will be focused on the following topics:

1. Object Recognition in Images and Video

2. Biometrics

3. Data mining

The meeting will last for two days for presentations and academic exchange. It is expected the participation of about 6 American speakers (2 for each of the above subjects) besides professors Kasturi and Jain, and 6 Cuban speakers (2 for each subject as well).

Besides, a number of posters will be presented by Cuban researchers, covering different topics, from the main research groups on pattern recognition and data mining of the country.

Preliminary list of American speakers:



1. Rangachar Kasturi


2. Anil K. Jain



Preliminary list of Cuban speakers:



1. Edel B. García Reyes

Video Surveillance and Object Recognition

2. Juan Lorenzo Ginori

Computer vision and Pattern Recognition in Cell Imaging

3. Heydi Méndez Vázquez

Biometrics: Face Recognition

4. José Hernández Palancar

Biometrics: Fingerprint Recognition

5. Andrés Gago Alonso

Data Mining: Social Networks

6. Rafael Bello Pérez

Data Mining: ¿?


Preliminary list of Posters Presentations:



Airel Perez Suarez 

Clustering and Social Networks

Carlos Ferrer Riesgo

Detection of Speaker States and Traits: The presence of Pathologies

Alexander Sánchez Díaz

Process Mining (por confirmar)

Eduardo Concepción

Computer Vision and Cluster Analysis

Enrique V. Marañón Reyes 


Sergio Daniel Cano Ortiz 


Fidel Ernesto Hernández Montero 

Applications of Statistical Signal Processing Techniques

Dayana Ribas González

Speaker recognition in noisy environments

Yailé Caballero Mota 

Event prediction using Artificial Intelligence. Applications in Civil Engineering and Meteorology.

Milton Garcia Borroto

Data Mining Techniques based on Rule Discovery

Yenisel Plasencia Calaña

Face Composite Sketch Recognition By Discriminative Representations

Leonardo Chang

Shape features for object classification

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